Padbrook League Update May 2018

The Padbrook League is starting to take shape .....

Two Match Event Scores have been registered by the majority of league players and players are starting to get a feel for the scores needed to challenge for the top spot.

Two match scores in and it’s Gaz Davis who leads after registering an impressive 61 with his match score 2 round.

Dan James and Adam Phillips share the second spot followed by James Fyles-Legg and Rob Mucklow who shot a 62 with his match 2 scores to put him right in the mix.

Stuart Pears, Luke Phillips, and Avery Fyles take up 6th, 7th and 8th spot with Andy Isaac, Ryan Stanbridge, and Lofty Reeves are tied in 9th.

An injured Steve Parry and Paul Collinson are battling pain to sit in 12th and 13th, with Chris Hopton and Buzz Hawkins (always carrying a thigh injury) sharing 14th spot.

Neil Keen stakes a claim to 16th whilst Robert Money and Matt Gardner lie in joint 17th.

Magic Man Matt Capel and Niki Lush are 19th & 20th with Chris Woodward & Zack Hide sharing the 21st spot.

23rd spot to 26th is taken up by Mark Doyle, Matt Tucker, Lewis Cox and Will Case.

Toby Robinson lies in 27th due to only match score 1 being registered and Lewis Pearce is 28th due to late entry and only registering Match Score 2 - both players can still make an impact but will only have 1 event spare to better a score, whereas the other 26 players will be able to better 2 scores with 2 spare events.

Unfortunately, Adam Keith, Matt Preston, and Richard Pears have withdrawn from the league.


Every player has a worldy in them, and every player has a stinker in them as well....the question is...WHICH PLAYER WILL YOU BE?

MATCH SCORE 3 starts this Friday 25th - Good luck to all League players.